Risk Management

Graeme Kelaart the Managing Director EXECUTIVE PROTECTION has provided Risk Management Consultancy in the Security and Risk Management Industry providing to Government bodies and Private Commercial businesses relative to safety issues since 1999. This includes Risk Assessments of buildings, sites and outdoor venues, car parks and areas where crowds gather in relation to OHS issues.

He has extensive experience in training, leadership, negotiation skills in Business, Risk Assessment/Risk Management, legal matters relative to the Safety & Security Industry and Civil Investigations.

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION has extensive experience in Event Management planning, Risk Assessment, financial control and budgetary responsibility and been engaged as an Area Supervisor at numerous major events to provide assistance to the Event promoters and operators in terms of Safety Management of sites.

We have responsibility for making Risk Management decisions on behalf of the Event promoters and operators in terms of any issues that related to the safety of all persons at the event. We liaise with lighting/sound/stage crews, Police, emergency medical teams and security teams and have been point of contact on day of the event.

Graeme Kelaart has extensive experience and training in rapidly absorbing complex information, analyse, read, write, edit and interpret legal statutes to provide EXPERT OPINION reports to legal practitioners, and have been an advocate or disadvantaged persons in the community.